The year of unexpected travels

In 2013 I went on 26 individual flights. That might add up to a sizeable carbon footprint, I guess, but I’m no frequent flying corporate executive, so I figure it doesn’t really count.


I love to travel as much as I can (most of us do, after all), but after my big NZ trip in March, I thought I was pretty much done for the rest of the year. Just shows how you never know what’s waiting for you round the corner. My way of dealing with a major life change? Make a large dent in the savings account and go on a ‘journey of self-discovery’. Or, more accurately, a journey of eating, drinking, merriment and serious distraction. It worked. I lived. I may now be a wee bit further away from any grownup life goals like a deposit on a house, but that’s a reality I’m okay with.

Now, eight months on, I’m ready to sort-of, maybe, almost plant my feet down for a spell. I picked an entirely new place to live, and I’m here, in a new flat, with new roommates, on a new, shitty Ikea mattress on the floor (just me, not the roommates). I think I’ll like Melbourne. I hope it likes me.

I — and my savings plan — never dreamed 2013 would be a year of so much travel, but I can only look back and be grateful I had the chance to go at all. It was a pretty spesh journey all up, and, while I might not have achieved as much as that crazy dude who just got back from visiting every country in the world WITHOUT using planes, I had me some times.

Things I won’t forget in a hurry:

  • Learning to shoot a gun! (And immediately prior to that, learning how to hold a gun, and prior to that, be in the same room as a gun without having a panic attack.)
  • Late-night truck rides across the country roads of Middle America, music a-blaring.
  • Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede
  • Getting my first (and last?) tick bite.
  • Look, basically everything about Missouri.
  • Pulling an all-nighter on my first night in London, after already involuntarily pulling an all-nighter on the plane ride over from Toronto. That’s a double-all-nighter. Or an all-double-nighter. You decide.
  • Winning the top-secret Hint Hunt challenge in London with mere seconds to spare.
  • The most amazing panna cotta I’ve ever eaten in Umbria.
  • Sampling tasty deep-fried zucchini flowers courtesy of Miss Elektra.
  • Look, basically all the food in Italy.
  • Losing my wallet, my camera, and possibly my mind in Barcelona.

2014, you’ve got some big shoes to fill.

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