Wine pumps: best idea ever? Yes. The answer is yes.

Further proof that Italians own it when it comes to la dolce vita: you can buy cheap — and more importantly, good — wine from an establishment that is essentially a gas station. That’s right, people, grab a 20-litre drum and form an orderly queue. This is what I’m talking about:


Fill ‘er up, kind winery attendant

It may be petrol-yellow in tint but that right there is sweet, sweet wine. A grechetto, in fact, at the ridiculously wallet-friendly rate of €1.30 per litre. As long as you can get past the less-than-glamourous aspect of hauling your wine home in a giant plastic container, you’re set to have a very good time at a very good rate.


Behold the giant vats

Cantina Tudernum, located just at the base of Todi along the famous Tiber Road, is a cooperative winery that’s been around since 1958. Grapes from 350 associated cultivators from the surrounding area are used to create numerous types of wine, including four classics of Umbria: Orvieto Classico DOC, Grechetto di Todi DOC, Rosso di Montefalco DOC and Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG.

Of course, wine is sold in the traditional manner, ie. glass bottles, too, but what can beat watching this kind of action while simultaneously getting a fantastic bargain:


I’m liking that prezzo

Frankly, it’s a bit of a show. And it’s awesome.


Wine pumps in all their stainless steel glory

Once you get home, you’ll probably want to bottle it up anyway, but that just adds to the whole DIY wino experience. Maybe make it a real party and create your own labels, too.

It’s these kind of life-changing experiences that cause you to re-examine certain things. Like, why do I have to settle for paying $15-$20 per bottle for a decent wine back home, in the ‘real world’? Why am I not developing biceps from constantly lugging plastic drums to and from my car? And what other exciting uses could I find for such incredibly cheap booze? Bathe in the stuff? Water the plants?


Until next time, Tudernum

Probably just as well I don’t have easy access to this service. I’m sure my liver is thanking me. In the meantime, big shout-out to Tudernum for keeping the locals well-liquored in such a novel way.

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4 Responses to Wine pumps: best idea ever? Yes. The answer is yes.

  1. This is incredible. I had no idea that such a place was in existence. What an interesting thing to experience. X

  2. Mike Wile says:

    We need this in Canada!

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