The blog — it lives!

There’s nothing like actually travelling to inspire an old, long-forgotten blog about … travelling. Who knew? Frankly, day-to-day life in the dreary depths of a Toronto winter just doesn’t prompt any great amounts of must-share activity. Unless you count hibernating and extreme fund-saving as unmissable content.

So here I go! I have left the frosty shores of Canada for a six-week adventure abroad. That is, a three-day adventure in San Francisco and a five-and-a-bit-week trip back home to New Zealand, which probably can only be counted as an adventure in terms of surviving the inevitable dramas of coordinating multiple relative visits.

But I can’t wait. It’s been four years since we were last back. Four years since I’ve seen my mum and one of my sisters, since we’ve seen some very good friends, and four WHOLE years since we’ve eaten a classic, quality NZ pie. It will be special.

And while I can’t say the flying portion of the trip excites me especially (insert predictable rant about the good old days of air travel with its free snacks, free checked luggage, free mini toilet bags with free shoe horn here), particularly on the eve of our dreaded 13-hour flight, I have to be thankful for some of the things it brings. Like the productive side of jetlag — waking up at 6 am sharp, voluntarily, ready to write in this blog for the first time in months. For someone who equates early-morning wakeups with all that is unnatural and evil in this world, that’s a special gift indeed.

Flying brings other gifts as well, like creating a pillow out of your bag of chips

Flying brings other gifts as well, like creating a pillow out of your bag of chips

And ridiculous views like these

And ridiculous views like these

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2 Responses to The blog — it lives!

  1. Carol says:

    I just got back from San Francisco. If you like coffee, check out the original Philz in the Mission district – great neighbourhood for walking. Dandelion chocolate is a must (I can’t believe I only bought ONE!), Tartine bakery, Mission Chinese…all in the same area. Looking forward to more!

    • Hi, thanks for reading! We have a half-day left in San Fran, probably going to check out Haight-Ashbury but if we make it to the Mission will definitely check out those places! Cheers for the tips 🙂

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