I left my heart in Copenhagen

Flying over the fair shores of Denmark

Copenhagen has a secret, and I’m about to spill it. Life looks better there. Literally.

Never have I seen such a concentration of perfect-looking people in one place. Left, right, tall, tanned, blonde — there they were, smiling confidently with their model good looks. I had been warned about this incredible gene pool goldmine, but it still took me by complete surprise.

We would be walking around the picturesque city streets, doing endless double-takes and giggling to each other. And it’s not just the men; the women, too, are stunning. I suppose it’s to be expected, in a way. Copenhagen is a mere bridge away from Malmo, Sweden, and we all know the Swedes have a rep for being blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties. Clearly this is a Scandinavia-wide phenomenon.

This prettiness spills onto the very streets of the city, the canals, the parks, even the shops. It’s safe to say in Copenhagen I fell in love … with the city itself. I just get the feeling that the quality of life there is somehow better. How could it not be, when the people are so chic (in that typically understated Scandinavian style), the streets are so clean, the city’s so environmentally conscious (everyone cycles everywhere, and the harbour water is so clean that it’s officially safe to swim in), and everyone just looks so happy.

Fancy a dip in Copenhagen's extra-clean canals?

I’d read in an in-flight magazine on my way to Denmark that Copenhagen is a very family-friendly city, and that families with young kids are welcome everywhere — expected, even. I definitely noticed an abundance of attractive young couples pushing designer strollers around. With no desire to breed myself, even this fact just added to the city’s magical appeal.

And I can’t harp on about the many qualities of Copenhagen without mentioning the food. Hello — Denmark is, after all, home of the danish! We were lucky enough to be staying on the same street as the best bakery in the city — Lagkagehuset (as hard to spell as it is to pronounce). This was a claim made by the owner of our B&B, but we were fast to agree. Every morning we would practically skip down the street, ready to tuck into a brunch of a tasty sandwich, coffee, and, of course, a danish.

The selection was incredible. How could we possibly work our way through the entire assortment of goodies in our short time there? Well, by golly we tried. There was something there for everyone, from choc-flavoured pastries to fruit and custard tarts and basically anything you could dream of in between. It’s probably just as well we were only there for three days — who knows how long I would have survived with arteries clogged full of custard and cream.

Our favourite Copenhagen destination: Lagkagehuset

How to choose? How to choose?!!

Perfection in a pastry shell

Yes, I now have the sad burden of forever comparing danishes and pastries to the ones I gorged on in Denmark, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for the experience.

The shopping was, predictably, stylish and pretty. We spent far too long browsing the beautiful Lizbeth Dahl boutique.

I want ALL of these!

Royal guards at the palace doing their thing

Colourful canal-side buildings

Dusk views of the Tivoli theme park

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