It lives

Oops, it’s now Thursday, which means I have a fair bit of catching up to do. I hadn’t really though about it but this whole travelling non-stop + sightseeing + falling asleep at 6pm like a nana (thanks jetlag) has made it very difficult to find time to write. But the main thing is: I MADE IT! I am officially a tourist in Europe. And it feels grand.

So, quick review of the flight. Swiss International – bit of a disappointment, really. Everything just felt a bit … shoddy. Not at all like I’d imagined (I really need to stop forming impressions based on, well, nothing). I mean, they were mostly fine – perfectly nice staff, decent enough food etc – but in my opinion they were seriously lacking in the one area that really counts: the entertainment system.

You're welcome, Swiss, although I'm not sure I'd fly you again ...

Usually I look forward to killing a couple of hours with a selection of fairly recent films, most of which I won’t have seen because I’m too cheap to see them at the cinema, but the choice on this flight was pretty abysmal. The Bounty Hunter just does not count as must-see viewing if you ask me, and sure, I have yet to watch Alice in Wonderland and I do really want to see that, but I’m hardly going to watch a graphically amazing 3D animated film on a fuzzy 6 x 4-inch 2D screen. I finally decided on a bit of brainless entertainment in the form of She’s Out of my League, only to find that it had already started. That’s right – no on-demand. Booooo. There were actual set times that everything screened, so if you were a bit slow to decide, you’d miss the first ten minutes or so, or you could wait until the next screening happened in a couple of hours. LAME, Swiss, lame. In the end I settled with switching on partway through Thelma and Louise, which is such a classic that catching any of it always lifts my mood.

But moaning aside, the flight went well enough and – bonus – seat 17B delivered with its extra legroom! I felt especially privileged extending my legs out and putting my feet up high on the wall, so I was almost, with a stretch of the imagination, in a near-horizontal position. Still didn’t manage to sleep at all, but I think I avoided developing deep vein thrombosis and that’s good enough for me.

Other notes of interest with Swiss International/Swiss people/Switzerland:

– No SkyMall on the plane, but their online catalogue did feature a whopping 30 pages on watches alone. I guess that stereotype about the Swiss being obsessively punctual might be accurate.
– Every Swiss person I encountered spoke at least three languages and was very tanned. Inferiority complex developing nicely.
– In Zurich airport, the train that takes you from the arrivals to the rest of the terminals plays a lovely soundtrack of cows mooing and birds chirping.

So that’s the journey in covered. Right now I’m sitting in the lounge of my Venice hotel about to head off and catch the train south. Between my flight in and now, there’s Munich, Salzburg and, of course, Venice. More to follow …

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4 Responses to It lives

  1. Gareth says:

    I don’t think playing a soundtrack of cows and birds is fair to jet lagged travellers… it wouuld only confuse them

  2. Sam says:

    Have you ever seen that Louis C.K. bit on Conan where he’s talking about people complaining about not having enough entertainment on planes?

    “You’re sitting in a plane, flying through the air!!!”

    Hahaha. Glad you’re having a good time!

  3. Rachel Sears says:

    OK, Lani, I admit. I’m a bit behind reading about your travels, considering you are coming home in a week! But, I’m sitting here sipping a glass of wine and thought this would be the perfect time to catch up. I agree with you regarding the entertainment on the plane. Yes, you are on a plane flying to exciting places, but you should have the option of starting the film when you are ready. When I flew British Airways, you had control over the entertainment. Shame, shame on Swiss Air!

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