The final countdown

There are only FOUR DAYS LEFT until I leave Toronto for Europe. This fact is both exhilarating and crazy, and gives me minor heart palpitations. I’m an expert at to-do lists (the best part is crossing stuff off) but my Master Trip-Preparation List has been sadly neglected for a few days. I’m sure everything will come together at the last minute, but for now I’m heading into a state of mild panic.

The actual preparation for a big trip can be so all-consuming that you get caught up with all the tiny details – booking hotels, printing maps, shortlisting your favourite nail polishes for the journey – and forget to focus on the excitement of the holiday itself. I’ve barely had time to think about the awesomeness of Lani Euro Trip 2010, so I really don’t know what to expect from my seven-week escape from reality, but I’ve taken a quick moment to come up with a few predictions:

  1. I will experience the joys of air, rail and bus travel and shall be able to construct an essay comparing in detail the unique pros and cons of each, after vowing to, in future, only travel by luxury cruise liner or private jet.
  2. I will try and communicate in a foreign language by phrasebook and completely embarrass myself.
  3. I will eat more cake for breakfast than is usually recommended (hello German hotel buffets).
  4. I will drink copious amounts of one-euro-per-litre Italian wine.
  5. I will get a bit fat (see above).
  6. I will take too many photos of boring buildings.
  7. I will miss important tourist attractions and instead somehow find myself in a shopping mall.
  8. Lastly – and this is the safest bet – I will get lost in a train station. Probably more than once.
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2 Responses to The final countdown

  1. samantha says:

    I love that you’re blogging. You’re going to have a blast, and I’m so happy that we get to read all about it!

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